Welcome to Mongeau Family Farms

We are located 1/2 mile north of Zurich, Kansas on 10 Road. Zurich is located on Highway 18 in the southwest corner of Rooks County in North Central Kansas.

Mongeau Family Farms is a 4th generation family farm currently owned and operated by Ronnie, David, Jennifer and Mark Mongeau. Our roots are deeply imbedded in agriculture along with small town family values that keep us steady.

Along with raising top quality Angus and Red Angus replacement heifers we farm, raising wheat, milo, and corn with alfalfa, oat and cane hay for livestock. Cows are run on milo and corn stalks in the fall after they are removed from grass. Our heifers are a composite of several area producers that we buy at weaning and raised at our farm that are fed a grower ration to optimize growth and reproduction with the assistance of a nutritionist with many years of industry experience. We have documented vaccinations and booster records. In addition, the bred heifers are confirmed pregnant with a good faith, accurate predicted calving date.

A confirmatory pregnancy examination is performed 30-45 days of sale. Mongeau Family Farms guarantees bred heifers to be safe in calf at the time of sale. If a heifer is proven to be open by a veterinarian within 30 days after the sale, then the buyer should contact Mongeau Family Farms to make arrangements to receive a replacement or a financial settlement.

All bred heifers are sold on a per head basis and will be grouped to calve within approximately 45 days of each other based on expected calving dates.

Our goal is to produce replacement heifers that will improve your herd with quality genetics. We strive to use genetic that provide calving ease and growing abilities that will make you the most money. Our breeding program utilizes Accelerated Genetics as a source of semen for our replacement program. Each sire is carefully selected and analyzed that brings the most desirable traits to a herd. All breeding is completed on site at the ranch with a certified breeder.

We sincerely extend an open invitation for you to come and look at our replacement heifers anytime and tour our farming operation. We want to be a constant reliable source of heifer replacements for your operation for year to come.

Mongeau Family Farms